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== Additional notes ==
- * This device has *some* out-of-tree mainline kernel support ([ some by @bartcubbins]) ([ and some by @kholk])
- * [ There are many different display panels used by suzu]
- * Xperia X has been supported by Sony Open Devices Project on CAF kernels 3.10, 3.18, 4.4 and now still is on 4.9 with a chance to board the 4.14 hype train
- * [ There's a good chance one could get graphics, modem etc. working with libhybris on kernel 4.4.] There's also a mer-hybris port by Jolla for the official "Sailfish X" SFOS release.
- * Second codename (loire_suzu) comes from Sony's platform naming scheme, where Loire is a family of MSM8956/APQ8956-based devices along with Xperia X Compact (kugo), Xperia Touch [the projector tablet.. thingy] (blanc) and an unannounced, probably prototype device (oak)
== How to enter flash mode ==

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