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Google Nexus 5X(lg-bullhead)

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Launch recovery: first boot to the bootloader, press the volume down button twice and press the power button to select
== Installation ==
# Setup pmbootstrap <source lang="shell">$ ./ init</source> Choose 'lg-bullhead' as target device And Xfce as ui(as it runs well).
# Create boot image <source lang="shell">$ ./ -t 30000 install --no-fde</source>
# Now connect the mobile to pc in fastboot mode. Below command format the partitions <source lang="shell">$ fastboot format system</source>
# Now flash the image <source lang="shell">$ ./ flasher flash_rootfs --partition userdata</source>
# Now the kernel <source lang="shell">$ ./ flasher flash_kernel</source> Installation is done. Reboot the phone.
== Mainlining ==

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