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| image = File:I9100-xfceXfce4N5X.jpegjpg| imagecaption = [[Samsung_Galaxy_SII_Google Nexus 5X(samsunglg-i9100bullhead)|Samsung Galaxy SIINexus 5x]] running XFCEXfce4
== Status ==
It works on most devices with a working display, and runs fine without hardware acceleration. Uses latest xfce version packages from Alpine repo.
== Installation ==
* <code>User interface: xfce4</code>
* <code>Extra packages: xf86-video-vesa mesa-egl</code>
** Add <code>matchbox-keyboard</code> to get an on-screen keyboard []or <code>corekeyboard</code> [] to get an on-screen keyboard
== Guide Fixes ==
# Follow the [ Display] guide to change and fix display related issues.# Add <code>gvfs</code> and <code>thunar-volman</code> for mounting drives and drive management.# Change the hidpi settings to 2x in <code>Display</code> setting.# Install <code>lxdm</code> to get restart options in power manager.# Disable <code>Compositor</code> from <code>Window Manager Tweaks</code> in settings to get faster experience.
 == Better usability == [[File:Corekeyboard.jpg|thumb|200px|Example configuration with CoreKeyboard running on [[Google Nexus 5X(lg-bullhead)|Nexus 5x]] ]] The best way to use the Xfce will be in Horizontally. So do this step to get better usability from Xfce.* Rotate the display and touch to horizontal using [ Display] guide.* In panel setting, change the mode to <code>Deskbar</code>, add <code>wisker-menu</code> and remove other plugins.* In <code>FileManager</code> settings, shortcut pane icon size to 48 px and enable <code>Single Click</code> in Behavior section.      ==Improving Touchscreen-Friendliness==
[[File:Scrot4.png|thumb|200px|Example configuration with matchbox-keyboard running on [[Samsung_Galaxy_SII_(samsung-i9100)|Galaxy SII]]]]

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