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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (samsung-hero2lte)

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| status_touch = Y <!-- Touch screen is working? You can also answer these questions with P for partially. -->
| status_screen = Y <!-- The display is working? -->
| status_wifi = Y <!-- Wireless network works? -->
| status_xwayland = <!-- Showing X11 applications in a Wayland compositor (Weston, KWin, ...) works? -->
| status_fde = N <!-- When installing with full disk encryption, can you type in the password with the on screen keyboard? -->
| status_mainline = <!-- Instead of a Linux kernel fork, it is possible to run mainline. -->
| status_battery = Y <!-- Charging the battery with charging-sdl is possible -->
== What is tested and works ==
* The kernel with in-tree built exynos DTBH based image
* USB Networking (you might have to set its MAC address beforehand though)
* SSHand telnet in the initramfs* Wi-fi* All Almost all display environments with software rendering (yes, even plasma mobile works, albeit slowly and with rubbish dpi scaling) * As an aside, wayland based environments currently crash after a few minutes due to an unknown issue.
== Quirks ==
* Exynos (at least modern exynos) has a different dt.img format to Qualcomm devices, requiring a special dtbtool to go along with it. There is one included in the kernel source we have, which should make the dtb automatically. In future, for other It has been packaged as exynos devices (S8 and up come to mind) we should package this as a common tool and treat it in a way similar to qcdt.-dtbtool
* Camera drivers (Samsung FIMC-IS2) (and accompanying flash LED drivers, controlled by a Samsung PMIC) needed to be disabled in the kernel to prevent boot loops.
== To get working ==
* FDE with osk-sdl - Tested and interface works, but crashes and bootloops attempting any decryption
* WiProper working of charging-Fisdl - it comes up, but works awkwardly and doesn't go away without a hard reset* (If possible) 3D acceleration using the binary Mali userspace drivers from ARM, under Halium* Panfrost?support
* Mainlining (should probably help the android community too)
== See also ==
* {{MR|179|pmaports}} initial MR
* {{MR|631|pmaports}} second MR (new kernel + wifi)
* [ herolte kernel fork]
* [ LineageOS device page]

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