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2. obtain the rootfs image, the kernel and the initramfs by following [Installation_guide], but instead of running `$ pmbootstrap flasher`, run `$ pmbootstrap export`.
3.0 before flashing the bootloader, mount the esp.img partition image and copy /tmp/postmarketOS-export/initramfs-asus-me176cx me176c and /tmp/postmarketOS-export/vmlinuz-asus-me176cx me176c to the root (alongside e.g. EFI folder)
3.1 create [esp.img]/loader/entries/postmarketOS.conf and change it's contents like so:
<syntaxhighlight lang="config">
title postmarketOS
linux /vmlinuz-asus-me176cxme176cinitrd /initramfs-asus-me176cx me176c
options console=tty0

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