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=== Contributors ===
* Bloo
=== Basic info ===
* [ more specs]
* [ Unofficial TWRP kernel repo]
=== What works ===
* Compiling the kernel
* Touch screen fully calibrated
=== What does not work ===
* N/A
=== Not tested ===
* Sound
* WiFi (needs kernel modules compiling first)
=== How to enter flash mode ===
Press and hold "volume down + home + power" simultaneously. Then click volume up to confirm.
=== Installing system ===
First build the device package:
<pre classsource lang="shell-session">./$ build device-samsung-n7100</presource><!-- Then you need to configure the kernel before building with <code>menuconfig</code> like so:
<pre class="shell">./ menuconfig linux-samsung-n7100</pre>
You can hold down the enter key while it asks you the y/n questions until you get to the menu, then you want to enable the <code>DEVTMPFS</code> kconfig flag located in <code>Device Drivers ---&gt; Generic Driver Options</code>.-->
Now you want to compile the kernel itself:
<pre classsource lang="shell-session">./$ build linux-samsung-n7100 --arch=armhf</presource>
Once you've successfully compiled the kernel you can install the OS to an SD card or your system partition. I've only tried an SD card:
<pre classsource lang="shell-session">./$ install --sdcard=/dev/sdb</presource>
You will need a 1GB SD card in order for this to work, also keep in mind that this will format the sd card.
Now you can flash the boot image:
<pre classsource lang="shell-session">./$ flasher flash_kernel</presource>
We're using <code>flash_kernel</code> because the N7100 packages its kernel and initfs file into one boot image, where as some other phones have separate partitions for each '''unlike''' the N7100.


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