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Improved some wording and layout stuff.
== Current issues ==
- * Framebuffer has red and blue channels swapped.- * X11 environments don't start.- * Keyboard is not detected: only the power button works. Probably needs a driver.
== Hardware ==
* LCD panel controller: Sintronix ST7796S (MIPI)* Back camera: GalaxyCore GC2385 (mipiraw)* Front camera: GalaxyCore GC030* Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS: sc2351* Keyboard LED: sc2723* Touch panel: FocalTech *
=== How to control brightness ===
== How to enter flash mode ==
Hold Press and hold the Power key , then, immediately press and Vol- just after thathold VolumeDown. Release both buttons when the logo appears. Navigate Using the volume buttons, navigate to the "Reboot to bootloader" option with volume keys and press , pressing Power to chooseselect it. The phone will reboot in fastboot mode.Another option is to connect the phone to a computer and run
<source>$ adb reboot bootloader</source>
== Installation ==
=== Flashing kernel ===
{{note|'''Backup your boot partition before flashing the kernel.''' If you have root, you can do this with adb. Connect the phone to your computer, and enable USB debugging in Developer settings. Thenrun
<source>$ adb shell
$ su
# dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p16 of=/sdcard/boot.img</source>
If your phone isn't rooted, use the ResearchDownload tool to create a backup.}}
Fastboot on this phone doesn't support booting the kernel from an SD card, so it's required to flash the kernel to internal storage with <code>$ pmbootstrap flasher flash_kernel</code>If you have an SD card that is rather fast, consider flashing rootfs onto it instead of the phone's internal storage, which probably has slower memory is quite slow (15 Mb/s on read, 9 Mb/s on write).
=== Partitions layout ===

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