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== How to add a new device page to the wiki ==
{{Note|To create a new wiki page, enter the name of the new page into the search field, press enter and you will be asked to create the new page.}} # Paste the content from below into the new wiki page and adjust it , for device-specific pages, we are using the naming convention "Manufacturer Device Name (codename)", so for example "HTC Desire (htc-bravo)"# Adjust the template for your device (edit all CHANGE_MEs, fill out the blanks etc.)
# [[Making_good_photos|Take a good photo of your phone]] and upload it, then put it into the infobox
# Take You are done! You can now take a look at the [[devices]] page, your device should get listed appear automatically after creating the device page.
== Template ==
Thank you!
{{Note|You can find information about CPU, GPU, Display on websites such as . You can also enter your device name with the word "specs" into your favorite search engine and you should find the information as well.}}
<syntaxhighlight lang="moin">
| imagecaption = CHANGE_ME
| releaseyear = CHANGE_ME
| originalsoftware = CHANGE_ME <!-- e.g. Android 2 .1 -->
| chipset = CHANGE_ME <!-- e.g. Qualcomm QSD8250 Snapdragon S1 -->
| cpu = CHANGE_ME <!-- e.g. 1.0 GHz Scorpion -->
{{Device owners}}
<!-- autogenerated, use {{Owns device|devicepage|notes}} on your profile page -->
<!-- use _ instead of spaces in device page name, e.g. {{Owns device|Nokia_N900HTC_Desire_(htc-bravo)|broken screencustom notes}}-->
<!-- you may need to purge page cache to see changes (more->purge cache)-->
<!-- you can use {{My devices}} on your profile page to show table with all your devices -->
== Installation ==
<!-- add more sections below as necessary, e.g. WifiWiFi, photos, ... -->
== See also ==
Link to related gitlab GitLab issues or merge requests like the following (replace CHANGEME with the ID, e.g. 1234):
* {{MR|CHANGEME|pmaports}} Initial merge request
* {{issue|CHANGEME|pmaports}} Some related issue

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