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change note on top: this list is incomplete
{{note|This list is incomplete! Think of it as an example of what we have upstreamed.}}It is important for us to contribute the patches and improvements we made to various software back to the original project. So everyone can benefit from the improvements and we don't need to maintain and carry around patches. Not every patch is listed here, but it might be a good idea to keep track of them anyway.
=== Successful ===
* <code>2019-xx-xx</code> Alpine: PureTryOut upstreamed the whole KDE desktop, with all its dependencies, into Alpine and maintains it there
* <code>2019-08-05</code> abuild: [ rename makedepends_host virtual package]
* <code>2019-03-06</code> abuild: [ abuild-tar.static: fix undefined reference errors]
* <code>2019-02-06</code> Alpine: [ qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard, qt5-qtwayland, qt5-qtspeech]
* <code>2018-12-20</code> Weston: [ compositor-fbdev: add support for ABGR]
* <code>2018-12-31</code> Alpine: [ enable virglrenderer in QEMU aport] (-> now we were able to remove our temp/qemu fork!)
* <code>2018-09-20</code> Alpine: [ Add armv7 next to armhf in the arch line]
* <code>2018-07-04</code> QEMU: [ module: Use QEMU_MODULE_DIR as a search path]
* <code>2018-03-31</code> abuild: [ properly check arguments and improve usage()]
* <code>2018-01-06</code> Alpine: [ split linux-firmware into subpackages]
* <code>2017-09-22</code> Alpine: [ clutter: add libxi-dev makedepend]
* <code>2017-09-22</code> SDL2: [ Fix directfb compile error relating to C90]
* <code>2017-09-21</code> Alpine: [ add directfb]
* <code>2017-09-21</code> Alpine: [ add tslib]
* <code>2017-09-11</code> ofono: [ Fix initialization of isimodem driver]
* <code>2017-08-28</code> SDL2: [ Default libGL path for directFB on Linux differs from x11 path]* <code>2017-08-14</code> libSDLSDL2: [ DirectFB linux_input disabled by default]* <code>2017-08-03</code> Alpine Linux: [ add consolekit2]
* <code>2017-07-21</code> abuild: [ <code>-D</code> parameter for alternative description]
* <code>2017-07-07</code> Alpine Linux: [ busybox-extras with telnetd enabled]
* <code>2017-05-23</code> weston: [ instead of less than 1 Hz use default refresh rate]
=== Work Not started, but should/could be done in progress the future === * alpine: [ directfb]* alpine: [ tslib]* weston: [ add parameter --pixman-type], see alsoabuild: Add a compression flag to override the default of highest compression (right now we install a [ #141]* weston: [https:34e2f8093c6cf6571815a82865309b02d31b5d0c/pmb/ add support for ABGR]* alpine: [https:build// Weston can only be run by root user] (PR [ py#199L61 wrapper])* kde: [https:that converts <code>-9</code> to <code>-1</ kwin_wayland fails code> to start with &quot;Running on a compositor with no screens is not supported&quot;] === Not started, but should be done in the future ===improve performance)
* abuild: Add a compression flag to override the default of highest compression (right now we install a [https[Category:// wrapperTechnical Reference]] that converts <code>-9</code> to <code>-1</code> to improve performance)

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