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'''power_graphic's mainlining progress is [ here].''' Read on for generic instructions of what would need to be done.
Currently we only have a downstream vendor kernel packaged, not the mainline kernel. The <code>lg-mako</code> has the same [ SoC] as the <code>asus-flo</code>, and on the latter it is possible to run [ Android on a kernel close to mainline].
This means, that most peripherals of the <code>mako</code> should work with mainline as well, once they are enabled in the DTS file. In fact, @vetzki reported in {{github|1079}} that the <code>mako</code> boots when using exactly the same DTS as the one from <code>flo</code> (this is not recommended, as misconfiguring your device like that may damage it). SSH appears to be working for a short time before getting kicked out, the display does not work.


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