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Remove build instructions - all changes have been merged! :tada:
== Installation ==
As some features are still in development for this device, the kernel needs to be built from source using envkernel. To do this, you'll need a copy ofthe [ pmbootstrap tree], and the [ latest kernel tree]for the device. Once you have those, and you have run <code>pmbootstrap init</code>, run the following commands: <source>cd /path/to/linux/kernelsource /path/to/pmbootstrap/helpers/envkernel.shmake msm8916_defconfig pmos.configmake -j<cores>pmbootstrap build --envkernel linux-postmarketos-qcom-msm8916</source> You will also need to install Install the [ lk2nd bootloader], as it is required to handle some quirks
with msm8916 devices on mainline kernels. Flash the <code>lk2nd.img</code> image to the boot partition with <code>fastboot flash boot /path/to/lk2nd.img</code>. lk2nd
also provides a fastboot interface that allows for flashing kernels without overwriting lk2nd itself. To enter it, power on the device, then hold down Vol Down as soon
After that, proceed with [[Installation_guide#Installation_and_flashing|installation]] as usual, using lk2nd's fastboot interface to flash the kernel and rootfs.
=== Modem ===
Modem is currently working on harpia, but as of writing, a few things are still waiting to be merged into pmaports. See [ pmaports!907]
and [ pmaports!958] for more information. This section will be removed once the required changes are merged into pmaports.
'''Following these directions is not recommended until the required changes are in pmaports.''' If you would like to get modem working now, proceed with the above install guide, with the following
* Use the <code>harpia-modem</code> branch of [ this] fork of pmaports:
cd ~/.local/var/pmbootstrap/cache_git/pmaports
git remote add harpia-modem
git fetch harpia-modem
git checkout harpia-modem
* lk2nd needs to be built from source, as there are some required changes that have not been added to a release yet. The [ README] on the lk2nd repo has instructions on how to do this.
== Usage ==


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