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Most modems are closed source and therefore it is not possible to set up a local voicemail within a device as long as the firmware is not open to public observation and scrutiny.

However, it is possible to set an external voicemail, using an external computer or even an external portable device (e.g. postmarketOS).

Computer as voice mail

Prepare your phone


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Instructions to autoanswer.


Note It appears that no open source program to hangup after N seconds or upon silence is available for Android devices yet.
  • Android 8.0 or newer
  • Android 2.0.1 or newer

Prepare your computer

Install Listener.


  • Set your telephone device to auto-answer mode.
  • Connect your phone to PC.
  • Set Listener to
  • Play audio file: "Hello, I'm out of town. Please leave a message after the tone." (Ding!).
  • Send audio via Email or XMPP.
  • Phone auto-answer
  • Listener detects sound.
  • Listener begin recording.
  • Listener stops recording after N seconds (e.g. 90 seconds).
  • Listener sends audio via email.

on_event_start selects the script/program to execute before the sample was recorded.

Best format for voice recordings is Speex.

Telephone as voice mail

Note This part is relevant only to Pinephone Modem SDK

As of version 0.7.1 of Pinephone Modem SDK, it is potentially possible to establish a local voicemail in PinePhone and EG25-G devices.

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