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postmarketOS with the UI from Asteroid on Qemu
postmarketOS with the UI from Asteroid on Qemu
Name Asteroid
Graphics stack Lipstick on Wayland
Toolkit Qt5 and QML

AsteroidOS is a Linux based operating system for smartwatches. The UI it develops has been packaged for postmarketOS as well. It is based on Jolla's Mer software stack which it shares with Glacier


The Asteroid UI can be installed by selecting it as UI in pmbootstrap init. On existing systems it can be installed by installing the postmarketos-ui-asteroidPMOS meta package or asteroid-launcher if postmarketOS specific customization is not wanted.

When running pmbootstrap install you'll be prompted for a user password. Note that the password will only be used for SSH access to the device, as smartwatches don't use passwords to unlock the screen due to the way it's used.


Install software

There currently is no software store to install new applications. Because of this software can currently only be installed on the command-line. Make sure your device is connected via USB, or to your network via Wi-Fi if your watch supports it, and SSH in. Software can then be installed with apk:

# apk add <software>