ASUS Eee Pad Transformer (asus-tf101)

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ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
ASUS Eee Pad Transformer
Manufacturer ASUS
Name Eee Pad Transformer
Codename tf101
Released 2011
Original software Android 3.0 on Linux 2.6.36
Chipset Nvidia Tegra 2 T20
CPU Dual-core 1 GHz
Display 1280x800 IPS
Storage 16/32 GB
Memory 1 GB


None of this work has been (merged/pushed/get correct terminology) upstream. Contact CmdrWgls on IRC if you're interested in working on it before he gets around to actually doing so.


  • CmdrWgls
  • Everyone on IRC

What works

  • Nothing

What does not work =

  • Everything


What's been done

  • device-asus-tf101 builds

What's been attempted

  • Tried to build two kernels.

timduru's KatKiss kernel

Builds failed due to devtmpfs not being used in the Android ROM this was taken from. It appears to be missing code related to kern_path_create. See:

  • dev/drivers/base/devtmpfs.c <- source of error
  • include/linux/namei.h <- place where kern_path_create is defined in more recent kernels but apparently not in this one
  • another file I've forgotten ...

Attempted to fix by copying the declarations for kern_path_create from the mainline kernel. Fix failed because this was much too small a change to solve the problem.

novaspirit's kernel

Fails, multiple definitions of return address found in several files under arch/arm/kernel. No effort has been made yet to solve this problem, so this kernel is still in contention.

Next steps

Fix novaspirit's kernel, or try a newer kernel.

New kernels to attempt: