Nvidia Tegra 2 (tegra20)

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Nvidia Tegra 2
Manufacturer Nvidia
Name Tegra 2
Arch ARMv7
Process 40nm


This diagram ilustrates how is Tegra developed.



Tegra mesa.svg

Components (source)

  • libdrm
  • Mesa-3D (minimal implementation, not complete enough (GL 1.4) to run XWayland (requires GL 2.1 or GLES2)
  • xf86-video-tegra (2D acceleration for X11, EXA)
  • libvdpau-tegra



  • Phosh works, but UI is accelerated trough llvmpipe (software rendering), thus is slow.
  • Plasma mobile not tested (please update)


  • Xfce4 and Mate desktop will run on 2D acceleration.
  • Hildon requires an OpenGL backend.
    • As of cogl 1.22.2 the clutter/cogl backend requires stencil buffers (EGL_STENCIL_SIZE). This not yet implemented in the grate-driver.

Video Decoding

Video Decoder Engine (VDE) was added to mainline kernel v4.16. The grate-driver includes hardware h264 decoding with libvdpau-tegra.

The vdpau driver does not support h264 videos encoded with:

  • weighted prediction

Sample video that can be decoded with hardware acceleration: https://peach.blender.org/trailer-page/

$ mpv --hwdec=vdpau trailer_720p.mov
Using hardware decoding (vdpau).
VO: [vdpau] 1280x720 vdpau[yuv420p]

Participate development


Mesa3D Gallium driver


  • Host1x ABI rework (required before mesa implemenetation): (G. docs)
  • migrate from TGSI to NIR
  • establishing demos that work, where can be seen regression

Test & Review

sound: tegra_wm8994

Sound codec used to glue WM8994 and Tegra boards. Used in Samsung P4, P4WiFi, i927.

Source (two latest commits):

Previous source:

two implementations, needs to be tested.

Present on: device list

vibrator: isa1200

Vibrator used in multiple devices and Tegra boards. Used in Samsung P4, P4WiFi, i927.

Source (last commit):

Present on: device list

  • if your device has this vibrator, use these patches + chagnge or add DTS has entry for isa1200 pointing to this vibrator
  • test vibrator if works
  • if works as expected provide "Tested-by" or "Reviewed-by" tags to author

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