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Arch Linux ARM
Name Arch Linux ARM
License ,GPL
Initial version Rolling
Latest Version Rolling
Based on Arch Linux
Developed by Arch Linux ARM Community
Resources Homepage

Arch Linux ARM is a distribution of Linux for ARM computers. It provides targeted kernel and software support for hard-float ARMv7 with NEON and ARMv8 AArch64 instruction sets on a variety of consumer devices and development platforms.

The entire distribution is on a rolling-release cycle that can be updated daily through small packages instead of huge updates on a defined release schedule. Most packages are unmodified from what the upstream developer originally released.

See also

  • DanctNIX - The maker of the Arch Linux ARM fork of device PineTab 2
  • kupfer - A distro that is base on Arch Linux ARM and has a lof of stuff(like deviceinfo,etc) from postmarket os so it is equivalent of postmarket os in the arch world.
  • kupferbootstrap - kupfer's fork of pmbootstrap

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