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There are three main problems with running pmOS on routers.


A lot of routers are based on the MIPS architecture, which isn't supported by pmOS. Fortunately, there are a few ARM-based x86 routers which pmOS supports.

Unmanaged NAND/NOR (NAND/NOR without controller)

A lot of routers use Unmanaged NAND/NOR as their built in storage. In Linux, MTD(Memory Technology Device) is used to partition them and an MTD aware file system(like UBIFS) is required for use with MTD. partition.Currently, pmOS doesn't support MTD or UBIFS.

Built in Network switch

See openwrt vlan support Ethernet switch driver document These drivers may or may not work on pmOS .

See also

Ethernet switch driver document

openwrt vlan support

Info on mtd

Next Thing Co. CHIP (ntc-chip) Guides for running pmOS on Unmanaged NAND/NOR.

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