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Proposal to split this huge category into per-vendor subcategories

When this category was created and postmarketOS supported only like a handful of devices, it may have been a good idea, but with 600+ pages as well as no way to filter e.g. "all Sony devices supported by pmOS", "all Nokia devices supported by pmOS", I think it'd make sense to split this category into per-hardware vendor subcategories (e.g. "Sony devices" or just "Sony"; "Nokia devices" or just "Nokia", etc.) for everyone's sanity.

Thoughts? --Ashley (talk) 10:46, 8 November 2021 (UTC)

Answer: Use Drilldown page for that.

Thanks for the reply, HenriDellal! (Please remember to sign your on-wiki comments with ~~~~ to have your username and the automatic timestamp displayed after your message; MediaWiki is unlike most other things in that it doesn't do this automatically and instead requires you to remember to do it every time you post a message somewhere.)
It'd be lovely to have that special page "advertised" further...maybe on the main Devices page? (I guess the devices page is more end-user-friendly than Special:Drilldown — and let's be fair, the table there is very nice as well. :-)
Still, maybe I'm the only weirdo who likes manually browsing Category: pages, so I'd certainly see the value in splitting up this, but it'd be quite a lot of work to do and my guess is that turning Category:Devices into a category that only contains other categories as opposed to individual pages would potentially break the Special:Drilldown page, in which case serious consideration would need to be made before doing anything.
In any case, I learned something new today, so thank you for educating me! --Ashley (talk) 16:28, 15 November 2021 (UTC)