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DIAL—for DIscovery And Launch—is a simple protocol that second-screen devices can use to discover and launch apps on first-screen devices. [1]


OpenFlint is a technology for casting content from one computerized device on an other display (handheld to big screen display).


Matchstick [2] (or Matchstick TV) is a Firefox OS based [3] device powered by OpenFlint technology [4]. Matchstick allows streaming of contents from a handheld device (e.g. laptop, pda, smartphone, tablet) to a Wi-Fi connected Matchstick to show its content on an HDMI compatible display (e.g. big screen TVs, Set-top box, Blu-ray).


Potential implementation on mobile data (and WiFi)

OpenStick [5] is a reverse engineering project on msm8916 based 4G usb modem using Mainline Linux

With a USB to HDMI adapter and OpenFlint installed [6], OpenStick might be able to imitate Matchstick.

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