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  • postmarketOS is only usable for developers right now
  • Donations go to individuals, not the project as a whole
  • Not all contributors accept donations
  • Before we let money destroy the community, we will cancel donations altogether

Developer-specific donations

Feel free to add yourself to the list if you have contributed something and intend to do so in the future. If you don't like how donations are handled, please get involved in the discussion. Please order the names alphabetically. Do not add bitcoin addresses here directly, as these can be swapped out easily without being noticed - it's better to link to a page that only you can edit instead (e.g. GitHub account, blog, ...).

Clayton Craft (craftyguy)

If you're crazy enough to want to throw money at me, I ask that you instead throw your money at one (or all) of the following organizations, or to any other organization committed to making the world a better place:

What I do:

  • A maintainer for the N900 on pmOS, including helping to keep N900 support relevant in upstream components (e.g. ofono)
  • Numerous PRs for pmOS, focusing primarily on usability.
  • OSK-SDL, a touchscreen keyboard for running in initramfs, used for unlocking LUKS rootfs on boot for touch-only devices

Oliver Smith (ollieparanoid)

I am not accepting donations currently. If you would like to donate something, take a look at the organizations that craftyguy listed above: FSF, EFF, MSF. You can also show your support by adding a star to the postmarketOS gitlab projects, subscribing and posting to our subreddit and by telling your favorite journalists (bloggers, podcasters, ...) about postmarketOS.

What I do:

  • Worked on pmboostrap and postmarketOS about one year before releasing it
  • Building a helpful community of developers, which make decisions together
  • Making development enjoyable for everyone and making postmarketOS a daily driver (see my milestones for details)