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Fedora provides a great service at, that monitors upstream projects for new releases and sends out e-mail or IRC notifications whenever there is a new release.

Set up notifications

  • Create a Fedora account (here)
  • Login with your Fedora account at for the first time (here)
  • Login at Fedora Notifications (here)
  • Navigate to update your E-Mail notifications
  • A huge intimidating page opens. Don't get discouraged. The example filters on the left can be deleted.
  • Type in a new filter name (e.g. "release monitoring") and hit "Create a new filter"
  • Add as filter rule Anything regarding a particular "upstream project"
  • In the comma separated list of projects, add the ones where you want to receive notifications. Use the names from For example:
  • (There is even a preview with 'Searching for example messages that match this filter', though it takes forever to load)
  • Hit "Save" and it should be active.

Add new projects

It's quite convenient to add new projects. Log into and make sure that the project doesn't exist yet with the search function. Then hit add project.

pmbootstrap aportupgrade

Related: pmbootstrap aportupgrade can use the same database to automatically bump the version in a pmaport to the next version. For that to work, the name of the package either needs to be the same as on Or you can simply add the name in Alpine/pmOS to the package, after logging into and searching for the software name.