HTC Desire Z (htc-vision)

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HTC Desire Z
HTC Desire Z
HTC Desire Z
Manufacturer HTC
Name Desire Z
Codename vision
Released 2010
Original software Android 2.2 on Linux 2.6.32
Chipset Qualcomm MSM7230
CPU 800 MHz Scorpion
GPU Adreno 205
Display 480x800
Storage 1.5 GB
Memory 512 MB


  • CmdrWgls
  • (everyone on IRC)

What works

  • Nothing

What doesn't work

  • Everything


What's been done:

  • device-htc-vision builds
  • linux-htc-vision builds (using milaq's kernel)

Cmdrwgls created pull request #810 with his work. It remained unfinished, so it was merged into the device-htc-vision branch for now. If you also own this device, it makes sense to continue from there (rebase the branch to master first, then try to build the kernel etc. See the porting guide and ask for all the help you need).

Next steps

  • Test kernel on device.