Kernel upgrade testing

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Step by step instructions for testing new kernels in merge requests, so we have comparable results.


  • Install unmodified postmarketOS edge or stable (depending on MR target branch)
  • Boot up (while watching serial log, if possible, look for errors)
  • Fill out the template below for the current (old) kernel
  • Install the new kernel
  • Reboot (look for errors again in serial log)
  • Fill out the template below for the new kernel

Result template

Add results as OK or NOK. If there's more information (e.g. it did not work every time, add an asterisk and explain below.)

Old kernel version:

| Feature                  | Old kernel | New kernel |
| ------------------------ | ---------- | -----------|
| Bluetooth                |            |            |
| Call (incoming)          |            |            |
| Call (outgoing)          |            |            |
| Camera (front)           |            |            |
| Camera (rear)            |            |            |
| HDMI                     |            |            |
| LEDs                     |            |            |
| SMS                      |            |            |
| System suspend           |            |            |
| Video in browser         |            |            |
| (PinePhone/Tab) ram_freq |            |            |

Notes for specific tests

System suspend

Run the following command over SSH, e.g. while the video in the browser is still playing. For the PinePhone, this will test the crust firmware (pmaports!1163).

$ sudo loginctl suspend

Depending on what you want to test regarding suspend, you could also use echo mem | sudo tee /sys/power/state. This command does not go throught the elogind API, therefore it won't trigger applications that listen for suspend events, such as eg25-manager. loginctl suspend goes through the same code paths, as if the phone would suspend automatically after some time of inactivity.


In Phosh, based on pmaports#766 (comment):

$ killall feedbackd
$ G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all G_LOG_LEVEL_INFO=all G_DEBUG=all DISPLAY=:0 /usr/libexec/feedbackd &
$ G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all G_LOG_LEVEL_INFO=all G_DEBUG=all DISPLAY=:0 fbcli -E message-missed-email


Install megapixels, take a photo with the rear camera, switch cameras, take a selfie.


In case of the PinePhone, if it does not work and you had power plugged into the USB dock, test again without power.

(PinePhone/Tab) ram_freq

Ensure reading the RAM frequency from /proc is still working (pmaports!1998):

$ cat /proc/device-tree/memory/ram_freq