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Maui Shell
Default Maui Shell homescreen.
Name Maui Shell
Graphics stack X11/Wayland
Toolkit Mauikit + QT5
In postmarketOS
Package N/A
Status Unavailable

[maui-shell] is an experimental convergent UI written in QT. It isn't quite ready for use yet but it can be tested in postmarketOS using the maui feature branch of pmaports:

Check out the feature branch, change your UI to maui with pmbootstrap config ui maui and then do a standard install. You may need to manually set the session to maui with tinydm-set-session -s -f /usr/share/wayland-sessions/cask.desktop, cask is the name of the maui compositor.

You should now be able to start maui by starting the tinydm service.


Scaling for QT apps can be overriden by editing /usr/share/wayland-sessions/cask.desktop and prepending to the Exec line, change 2 to your preferred scale factor.



You may want to pipe the output of cask somewhere so that you can read it, by default it should log to /tmp/cask.log but this doesn't seem to work as intended, you can try editing /usr/share/applications/cask.desktop and changing it's Exec to something like

Exec=sh -c '/usr/bin/cask -r -plugin libinput 2>&1 > /tmp/cask.log'
Note The above is entirely untested and probably required some tweaking

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