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Plasma Mobile

postmarketOS has a nightly repository which contains (semi-) nightly builds of all KDE packages to make it easy to develop Plasma Mobile and it's applications on postmarketOS which are currently build against Qt6. No device images will be made for these for now.

Note Note that quality is not guaranteed, neither is the fact that these packages will be build literally every night. It's on a best-effort basis and while we'll try to resolve packaging problems as they come up, problems might occur on each upgrade. Don't use this on a daily driver or report bugs for it!

Upgrading an existing Plasma Mobile installation

First, enable the apk key used to sign the packages.

$ wget
# mv /etc/apk/keys/

Then enable the repository and update the system.

# echo "" >> /etc/apk/repositories
# apk update
# apk upgrade -a

Build a new image

First, enable the apk key used to build the packages:

$ wget
# mv $(pmbootstrap config work)/config_apk_keys/

Every pmbootstrap command can be run as normal except for install. Add the -mp argument as follows:

$ pmbootstrap -mp "" -mp "" install