PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone)/Old Images

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Notes about old PinePhone images from were moved here, to de-clutter the images page.

  • The factory image of the postmarketOS community edition is pine64-pinephone-20200726-phosh-v20.05-installer.img.xz.
  • Images before 2020-07 contain a SSH key that has been copied over from the build machine, in /home/demo/.ssh.
  • Devkit: there are two variations of the PinePhone Don't be evil development kit, the normal images are for the devkits with a long touchscreen cable. The inverted images are for devkits with a short touchscreen cable. In newer releases this is renamed to longts and shortts.

Login info

Older images without "installer" in the name have the following login credentials hardcoded:

  • username: "demo"
  • password: "147147" (or "demo")