Pangolin Mobile

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Pangolin Mobile
Home screen, app drawer, calculator app
Home screen, app drawer, calculator app
Name Pangolin Mobile
Graphics stack OpenGL
Toolkit Flutter
In postmarketOS
Package N/A
Status Unavailable


Pangolin Mobile is a mobile shell of DahliaOS using the Flutter toolkit.


Pangolin Mobile development has been halted until further notice.


It is not available as package.

Official source says:

First things first, boot up your Pinephone with Phosh, for some reason Plamo doesn't like it. Arch, Postmarket or anything else will do. Then you'll want to download the tarball of Pangolin Mobile onto the device and extract it wherever you'd like. Then in the terminal application find the folder (should be called "bundle" and type cd bundle followed by ./pangolin_mobile and it will start up.


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