Planet Computers Gemini PDA (planet-geminipda)

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Planet Computers Gemini PDA
Gemini PDA running postmarketOS
Manufacturer Planet Computers
Name Gemini PDA
Codename geminipda
Released 2018
Original software Android 7.1 on Linux 3.18
Chipset MediaTek MT6797P/X Helio X25/X27
GPU Mali-T880 MP4
Display 2160x1080
Storage 64 GB
Memory 4 GB


  • NotKit


  • NotKit

What works

  • USB networking
  • Framebuffer graphics (Xorg/Wayland)

Requires running Android services/using libhybris

  • Wi-Fi (needs MediaTek's custom firmware loader)
  • 3D acceleration (via libhybris and xf86-video-hwcomposer)
  • Audio (via libhybris and pulseaudio-module-droid, possible to achieve with ALSA configs)

What does not work

  • Everything else not mentioned specifically


The easiest way for now is to use Flash Tool from official flashing guide, replacing linux.img in firmware package with planet-geminipda.img and linux_boot.img with boot.img-planet-geminipda.

Current device-planet-geminipda branch also includes initramfs hook which will try to mount userdata and linux partitions, looking for /postmarketOS.img file (exported as planet-geminipda.img). This can be used for non-intrusive installation. Image file needs to be expanded to wanted size in advance, for example:

% truncate -s 2G postmarketOS.img

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