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pmaports.cfg is present on each branch of pmaports.git and holds various metadata parsed by pmbootstrap.


# Reference:

Section reference

The file only has one section, pmaports.

Variable Description Possibles values
version pmbootstrap compares this with pmb.config.pmaports_min_version and complains if this version isn't at least as high as the version that pmbootstrap requires 5
pmbootstrap_min_version pmbootstrap compares this with pmb.config.version and complains if this branch of pmaports needs a newer pmbootstrap version 1.17.0
channel One of the release channels defined in channels.cfg. While channels.cfg already defines the pmaports branch related to a given channel, it is needed to save the channel in pmaports.cfg of each branch as well, so we know to which channel a forked branch belongs. edge, stable