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Pure Maps displays vector and raster maps, places, routes, and provides navigation instructions.


Pure Maps is available from postmarketOS' repository, and can as such be installed via:

# apk add pure-maps

Data providers

The displayed map data is fetched from a provider, which is usually converting data from OSM into a format suitable for map clients such as Pure Maps. As of writing, there is no default data provider configured when installing Pure Maps in postmarketOS. You must configure a provider to make the app useful.


The most privacy friendly way of using this application will be with the offline provider OSM Scout Server. See pmaports#575 for an effort to package it in postmarketOS. In an early test it was noted, that running Pure Maps with OSM Scout Server requires a rather high amount of RAM with 2 GB, but maybe this can be optimized.


When using an online provider, Pure Maps must send queries for tiles, search, and routing to the map provider. Make sure that this is what you want, and that you are fine with the privacy implications.

Find a suitable provider and register a free (developer) API key if necessary. Then configure Pure Maps in postmarketOS to use it.

Mapbox API

Register an account on Mapbox. Log in, and copy the "Default public token" to the Mapbox API Key. Note that though they have a free tier, they may charge for over usage: https://www.mapbox.com/pricing/

(If somebody went through the process for other API keys, please describe how to configure Pure Maps here.)

See also

  • pmaports!593 initial merge request (with an interesting discussion with the lead developer about vendor lock-in)