QEMU ARM (qemu-vexpress)

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CPU emulation is slow! Consider using qemu-amd64 instead if x86_64 is your native architecture.


  • MartijnBraam
  • mmaret
  • ollieparanoid


$ pmbootstrap init  # Choose device "qemu-vexpress"
$ pmbootstrap install --no-fde
$ pmbootstrap qemu --image-size=2G --display=gtk --arch=arm

Using the --display=gtk parameter is recommended. The default display, SDL, will show two windows (of which one is unused) and you won't be able to look at the serial output. In the GTK interface, click on View / Show Tabs to display all available outputs as tabs next to each other. Check the serial0 output for what it is actually doing as the boot will probably take a few minutes, unless you have a very fast PC.

What works

  • Serial output
  • Storage
  • Network

What does not work

  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Qemu 2.0.0 is too old (but it's known to be working with 2.6.50)[1]


  • It boots only if you specify a separate -dtb flag, it doesn't use the dtb attached to the kernel (but pmbootstrap calls it right).



  • QEMU unlock screen

Qemu unlock screen.png

  • QEMU running weston

Qemu weston.png

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