QEMU ARM (qemu-vexpress)

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This page is specific to running the arm version of Qemu. Make sure to also read the common Qemu notes!

This device is used to emulate an ARM Versatile Express for Cortex-A9.

Vexpress (Versatile Express) is the reference architecture from the ARM Foundation. It simulates the armv7 architecture and a lot of other hardware (like graphics hardware).

QEMU supports many other ARM architectures (see qemu-system-arm -machine help).


  • MartijnBraam
  • mmaret

What works

  • Compilation of kernel, system and initramfs
  • It boots but only if you specify a seperate -dtb flag, it doesn't use the embedded dtb
  • Storage
  • Network

What does not work

  • Keyboard and mouse



  • QEMU unlock screen

Qemu unlock screen.png

  • QEMU running weston

Qemu weston.png