Qualcomm Glossary

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List of inscrutable Qualcomm terms and acronyms. Please contribute - links save seconds, definitions save minutes, explanations save hours days weeks!


ADSP - Audio Digital Signal Processor

AOSS - Always-On Subsystem

APR - Asynchronous Packet Router


BAM - Block Address Mode

BLSP - BAM-enabled Low Speed Peripheral (I2C, SPI and UARTs)


CAMSS - Camera Subsystem

CCI - (Core Cluster/Cache Coherent) Interconnect (NOT msm_bus/interconnect) OR Camera Control Interface


DSI - Display Serial Interface


GCC - Global Clock Controller

Kernel docs: qcom,gcc.txt
DT Bindings: qcom,gcc.yaml

GENI - Generic Interface

Kernel docs: qcom,geni-se.txt


Fifo based mechanism for communication between subsystems on Qualcomm platforms
Kernel docs: qcom,glink.txt


MDSS - Mobile Display Subsystem

MDP - Mobile Display Protocol

MMCC - MultiMedia Clock Controller

MSM - Mobile Station Modem


QCOM - Qualcomm

QTI - Qualcomm Technologies Incorporated

QUP - Qualcomm Universal Peripheral

Kernel docs: qcom,spi-qup.txt, qcom,i2c-qup.txt,
See also: # GENI


RPM - Resource Power Manager

Allows each component in the system to vote for resources such as clocks, regulators, and bus frequencies
Not to be confused with RPMSG
Controlled with the "rpm_requests" SMD channel, either over #GLINK or #SMD
Kernel docs: qcom-rpm.txt

RPMCC - #RPM Clock Controller

RPMH - RPM Hardened (used in newer SoCs, like sdm845)

RPMPD - RPM Power Domains


SC - Snapdragon Compute(r?)

SDM - Snapdragon Mobile

SMD - Shared Memory Device


TLMM - Top Level Mode Multiplexer

Main SoC pin controller

TCSR - Top Control and Status Register

Provides access for configuration and mux settings for a variety of peripherals.
Kernel docs: qcom,tcsr.txt