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ACA - Accessory charger adapter

ACM - Abstract control model (CDC subclass)

ACU - Access control unit

ADC - Analog-to-digital converter

ADMA - Advanced direct memory access

ADP - Attach detection protocol

ADSP - Audio Digital Signal Processor

AHB - Advanced high performance bus; AMBA high-speed bus

AOSS - Always-On Subsystem

AP - Access port

AP - Application processor

APC - Application processor core

APSS - Application processor subsystem

APSS - Applications processor subsystem

APU - Address protected unit

APU - Advance protection unit

APU - Area Protection Unit

ATB - Advanced trace bus

ATB - AMBA trace Bus

aTCU - Application translation control unit

AVS - Adaptive voltage scaling

AXI - Advanced eXtensible Interface


BAM - Bus access manager/module

BASI - BAM-aware slave interface, between eDML and UART. Allows communication for data transfer coordination on the AHB bus.

BCR - Backward compatibility register. Each bit in this register enables a feature/fix, that changes the behavior of the UART controller in a manner that is not backward compatible.

BIMC - Bus Integrated Memory Controller

BIMC - Bus interface memory controller

BIMC - Bus master interface chip

BLLP - Banking or Low-Power Interval

BLSP - BAM low speed peripherals

BOB - BAM operational block

BOM - Bus owner master

BP - Baseband processors

BR - Basic rate

BRIC - Reusable Bus and Interconnect Components

BTA - Bus Turnaround

BT - Bluetooth

BU - Bus interface unit

BWC - Bandwidth Compression


CAHB - Control AHB bus

CAMSS - Camera subsystem

CATS - Client-side address translation

CBC - Clock branch cell

CBC - Clock branch control

CCI - Camera control interface

CCI - (Core Cluster/Cache Coherent) Interconnect (NOT msm_bus/interconnect)

cCPU - Connectivity CPU

CCR - Configuration control register

CDC - Codec, Coder/Decoder

CDC - Communications device class (USB class)

CDP - Charging downstream port

CGC - Clock gate control block

CID - CSID mapped ID, which is a combination of VC and DT

CPAS - Common platform architecture specification

CP - Correlation processor

CPP - Camera post processing

CPR - Core power reduction

CPSM - Command path state machine

CPU - Central processing unit

CRC-32 - 32-bit Cyclic Redundancy Check

CRC - Cyclic redundancy check

CRCI - Client rate control interface

CRIF - Core register interface

CRPC - Clock, reset, and power control

CSR - Control and status register(s)

CTI - cross-trigger interface

CTM - Cross Trigger Matrix

CTS - Clear to send–incoming flow control signal

CURRX - Formerly known as valid_char_cnt. Amount of characters received in UART

CXO - Core crystal oscillator


DAC - digital-to-analog converter

DAHB - Data AHB bus

DAP - Debug Access Port

DCD - Data contact detection

DCD - Dynamic clock divide

DCP - Dedicated charging port

DCS - Display Command Set

DDR - Double data rate

DEHR - DMA Engine for Hardware Retention

DH - Diffie-Hellman key exchange

DIS - Digital image stabilization

DLL - Delay-locked loop. Delay line.

DMA - Direct memory access

DMB - Data memory barrier

DM - Data mover

DML - Data mover local

DMRX - A target value of an Rx transfer maximal length (in characters). Value is set

DMRX - event Occurs when CURRX value of an active RX transfer equals the DMRX

DMRX - low event Occurs upon a write to the UART_DM_DMRX register with a value lower

DPCM - Differential pulse-code modulation compression

DPE - DDR Protocol Engine

DPSM - Data path state machine

dQH - Device queue head

DRAM - Dynamic random-access memory

DRBG - Deterministic Random Bit Generator

DRNG - Deterministic Random Number Generator

DS - Default speed

DSI - Display Serial Interface

DT - Data type

dTD - Device transfer descriptor

DTE - DDR Test Engine


EBI - External bus interface

ECC - Error Correcting Code

ECT - Embedded cross-trigger

eDML - Bridge between BAM and QUP I 2 C/SPI interfaces. The eDML is a master on both sides and provides service to the multiple QUPs.

EDR - Enhanced data rate

EE - Execution environment

eMMC - Embedded multimedia card

EOI - End of interrupt

EOT - End of data transition

EoT - End of Transmission

eSD - Embedded secure digital

eSDIO - Embedded secure digital input/output

ETB - Embedded Trace Buffer

eTD - Enhanced transfer descriptor

ETF - Embedded Trace FIFO

ЕТМ - Embedded trace macro

ETR - Embedded Trace Router


FDAHB - Fast data AHB bus

FEC - Forward error correction

FIQ - Fast interrupt request

FM - Frequency modulation

FPB - Fast peripheralbBus

FPB - Fast peripheral bus

FPB - Fast peripheral bus interface

FPS - Frames per second

FSM - Finite state machine

FSM - Finite State Machine

FSUSB - Full speed USB (USB 1.0/1.1 spec and above)


GCC - Global clock controller

Kernel docs: qcom,gcc.txt
DT Bindings: qcom,gcc.yaml

GDHS - Globally Distributed Head Switch

GDSC - Global distribution switch controller

GENI - Generic Interface

Kernel docs: qcom,geni-se.txt

GFSK - Gaussian frequency-shift keying


Fifo based mechanism for communication between subsystems on Qualcomm platforms
Kernel docs: qcom,glink.txt

GNSS - Global navigation subsystem

GPIO - general-purpose input/output

GPO - general-purpose output

GPU - Graphic Processing Unit

GSBI - General serial bus interface

gTCU - Graphics translation control unit


HBP - Horizontal back porch

HFP - Horizontal front porch

HLOS - High-level operating system

HPH - Headphone

HPI - High priority interrupt

HSA - Horizontal Sync Active

HS - High speed

HS - USB High-speed USB (USB 2.0 spec and above)

HUM - Hit under miss

HW - Hardware


I2S - Inter-IC Sound, specification for serial, stereo audio transfer

IC - Integrated circuit

IDLT - Idle timer

IKE - Internet Key Exchange

IM - Integration module

IPA - Intermediate physical address

IPC - Interprocess communication

IPC - Interprocessor communication

IP - Intellectual Property (also known as a core or a block)

IrDA - Infrared data association

IRQ - Interrupt request

IRQ - Interrupt Request

IRQ - Normal interrupt request

ISDB - In silicon debugger

ISPIF - Image signal processors interface

ISR - Interrupt service routine

ITM - Interrupt transfer mode


JDR - JTAG data registers

JPEG - Joint photographic experts group

JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group

JTAG - Joint test action group

JTAG - Joint Test Action Group (ANSI/ICEEE Std. 1149.1-1760)


KVP - Key value pairs


L2VIC - Second-level vector interrupt controller

LA - Linux for Android

LAB/IBB - LCD Amoled Boost / Inverting Buck Boost (type of regulator)

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

LDO - Low dropout (voltage regulator)

LE - Low energy

LFSR - Liner Feedback Shift Register

LPAE - Large physical address extension

LPA_IF - Low-Power Audio Interface

LPA - Low-Power Audio

LPASS - Low power audio subsystem

LPASS - Low-Power Audio Sub-System

LP - Low-power

LPM - Link power management

LPM - Low-Power Memory

LS - USB Low speed USB (USB 1.0/1.1 spec and above)

LTE - Long Term Evolution

LTE - Long-Term Evolution

LUT - Look up table


MAC - Media access control layer

MBA - Modem boot authentication

MCLK - Secure digital interface clock

MC - Micro controller

MCU - Minimum coded units

MDP - Mobile Display Processor in MDSS

MDSS - Mobile Display Subsystem

MGPI - Multi generic-event PMIC_ARB Interface

MI2S - Multichannel I2S

MIC - Microphone

MID - Master ID

MIPI - Mobile Industry Processor Interface

MMC - Multimedia card

MMCC - MultiMedia Clock Controller

MMSS - Multimedia subsystem

MND - M/N divider

MPM2 - SoC Master power manager. Always-on power management block.

MPM - Master power management

MPM - Master power manager

MPM - Modem power manager

MPP - Multipurpose pin

MPU - Memory protection unit

MPU - Memory Protection Unit

MPU - Microprocessing unit

MRC - Master reference code

MSA - Modem self authentication

MSM - Mobile Station Modem

MTP - Media transfer protocol (USB class)

MU-MIMO - Multi-user multiple-input, multiple-output;


NIDnT - Narrow Interface for Debug and Test

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

NIU - Network Interface Unit. The NIU is a NoC block that connects masters and

NMEA - National marine electronics association

NoC - Network on Chip

NoC Master - Master Module or subsystem on the NoC capable of initiating transactions

NoC Slave - Module or subsystem on the NoC being accessed from masters. It is the

NPA - Node power architecture

NS - Nonsecure

NVIC - Nested vectored interrupt controller


OBEX - Object exchange (CDC subclass)

OCIMEM - On chip internal memory

OCIMEM - On Chip Internal Memory

OEM - Original equipment manufacturer

OOO - Out of order

OS - Operating system

OTG - On-the-go

OVP - Over voltage protection


PA - Physical address

PBL - Primary boot loader

PCM - Pulse Code Modulation

PCNOC - Peripheral and system configuration NoC

PCNOC - Peripheral and system Configuration NoC

PDM - Pulse Density Modulation

PDN - Power distribution network

PD - Power domain

PHSS - Peripheral subsystem

PHY - Physical Layer

PIL - Peripheral image loader

PK - Public key

PLL - Phase locked loop

PLL - Phase Locked Loop

PMIC_ARB - PMIC arbiter

PMIC - Power-Management IC. May include analog audio components such as ADC,

PMIC - Power management integrated circuit

PMIC - Power management-integrated circuit

PMIC - Power management interface controller

POR - Power-on reset

PPI - Private peripheral interrupt

PRNG - Pseudorandom number generator

PRNG - Pseudo Random Number Generator

PSCBC - Power switch clock branch cell

PTW - Page table walk

PubCSR - Public configuration and status register

PVC - PMIC voltage control


QCOM - Qualcomm

QDSP6 - Qualcomm digital signal processor

QDSS - Qualcomm debug subsystem

QDSS - Qualcomm Debug Subsystem

QFPROM - Qualcomm fuse programmable read-only memory

QFPROM - Qualcomm fuse-programmable read-only memory

QFROM - Qualcomm fuse programmable read-only memory

QGIC2 - Qualcomm generic interrupt controller; compliant to ARM GIC v2.0 spec

QGIC - Qualcomm Generic Interrupt Controller

QMP - Qualcomm Mailbox Protocol

QoS - Quality of service

QSB - Qualcomm SoC bus

QSB - Qualcomm SoC Bus

QTimer - Qualcomm timer

QTI - Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

QUP - Qualcomm Universal Peripheral

Kernel docs: qcom,spi-qup.txt, qcom,i2c-qup.txt,
See also: # GENI


RAM - Random Access Memory

RAZ - Read As Zero

RBCPR - Rapid bridge core power reduction

RCG - Root clock generator

RCS - Response capable slaves

RDI - data Raw dump interface embedded data passed to the image pipe along the pixel

RDS - Radio data system

RFE - Reference frame engine

RFR - ReadyForReceive, outgoing flow control signal

RID - ID resistor

RIF - Register Interface

RNG - Random Number Generator

RPM - Resource and Power Manager

remoteproc (cortex M3 on msm8916)
The sw running on it allows each component in the system to vote for resources such as clocks, regulators, and bus frequencies
Not to be confused with RPMSG
Controlled with the "rpm_requests" SMD channel, either over #GLINK or #SMD
Kernel docs: qcom-rpm.txt

RPMCC - #RPM Clock Controller

RPMH - RPM Hardened (used in newer SoCs, like sdm845)

RPMPD - RPM Power Domains

RPU - Register protection unit

RST_CTL - Reset controller

RXLEV - This is the name of the watermark interrupt, asserted when amount of data words in the Rx FIFO exceeds the value in UART_DM_RFWR register. It is also referred to as the value in UART_DM_RFWR register.


SAW2 - SPM and AVS block

SAW2 - SPM AVS wrapper


SAW - System power management and adaptive voltage scaling

SBL - Secondary boot loader

SBL - Second boot loader

SCMO - SDRAM Control and Memory Organizer

SC - Single character–packing/unpacking of one character per word

SC - Snapdragon Compute(r?)

SDCC - Secure digital card controller

SDCDC - Programmable delay line

SDC - Secure digital card

SDHCI - Secure digital host controller interface

SDIO - Secure digital input/output

SDP - Standard downstream port

SDR - Single data rate

SD - Secure digital

SDM - Snapdragon Mobile

SEV - Send event

SGI - Software generated interrupt

SHA - Secure Hash Algorithm

SHKE - SDRAM Housekeeping Engine

SIF - Standard Input Format

SIMD - Single instruction multiple data

SIM - Subscriber identity module

Single - character mode A UART packing/unpacking mode for both Rx and Tx channels

SLPC - Sleep controller

SMD - Shared memory driver

SMEM - Shared memory

SMMU - System memory management unit

SM - Sample memory

SNOC - System NoC

SOC - System on Chip

SOT - Start of data transition

SPB - Simple peripheral bus specification by Microsoft

SPI - Shared peripheral interrupt

SPKR - Speaker (loudspeaker)

SPMI - System power management interface

SPM - Subsystem power manager or System power manager (?)

SPS - Smart peripheral subsystem

SROT - Secured root of trust

SSBI - Single-wire serial bus interface

SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

SSPP - Source surface processing pipe

SS - Subsystem

STB - Sensor timing strobe

STM - System Trace Macrocell

Sub-block - Any section of RTL code; it is typically a unit not sufficiently large and independent

SVS - Static voltage scaling

SWD - Serial Wire Debug

SWFI - Suspend and wait for interrupt

SW - Software


TBU - Translation buffer unit; local page table caches

TCM - Tightly coupled memory

TCSR - Top level Control and Status Register

Provides access for configuration and mux settings for a variety of peripherals.
Kernel docs: qcom,tcsr.txt

TCU - Translation control unit; central page table caches

TCXO - Crystal oscillator

TDM - Time-division Multiplexing

TE - Tearing Effect

TLB - Translation lookaside buffer

'TLMM- Top-Level Mode Multiplexer

provides pin multiplexing and pinctrl
can change signal routing on almost any physical pin

TLS - Transport Layer Security

TPIU - Trace Port Interface Unit

TRM - Technical reference manual

TSENS - Temperature sensor

TSIF - Transport stream interface

TXLEV - This is the name of the watermark interrupt, asserted when amount of

TZ - Trusted zone

TZ - TrustZone


UART_DM - Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter with data mover interface

UART - Universal asynchronous receiver/transmitter

UAR - Universal asynchronous reset

UHS - Ultrahigh speed

UIM - User identity module

ULPI - UTMI+ low pin interface

ULPM - Ultra-low power mode, generally known as standby

ULT - Audio Ultra Low Power Audio, a version of LPASS

ULT - Audio Ultra Low-Power Audio, a version of LPASS

ULT - Audio Ultra power audio subsystem

USB - OTG USB on-the-go

USB - Universal serial bus

UTMI - USB 2.0 transceiver macrocell interface


VA - Virtual address

VBIF - Virtualizing bus interface

VBIF - Virtualizing Bus Interface

VBUS - USB bus voltage (5 V for USB 2.0)

VCO - Voltage-controlled oscillator

VC - Virtual channel

VDD_CX - Digital power domain directly supplied by CXO

VDD_MX - Memory power domain

VDD - Supply voltage

VENCDEC - Video encoder/decoder

VFE - Video front end

VFE - Video Front End

VFE - Video front end interface

VFR - Vocoder Frame Reference

VLIW - Very long instruction word

VLS - Voltage level shifter

VMIDMT - Virtual machine ID mapping table

VMID - Virtual machine ID

VMID - Virtual machine identification

VMID - Virtual master ID

VPP - Video pixel processor

VSP - Video stream processor


WAPI - WLAN Authentication and Privacy Infrastructure

WB - Write buffering

WCSSS - Wireless connectivity sub system software

WCSS - Wireless connectivity subsystem

WCSS - Wireless Connectivity Subsystem

WCSS - Wireless subsystem

WDOG - Watchdog

WDOG - Watchdog timer

WFE - Wait for event

WFI - Wait for interrupt

WI - Write Ignored

WLAN - Wireless local area network


XO - Crystal (19.2 MHz)

xPU - Protection Unit (x = multiple varieties; address, memory, register)

basic overview : https://www.qualcomm.com/media/documents/files/an-introduction-to-access-control-on-qualcomm-snapdragon-platforms.pdf