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Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi
Manufacturer Raspberry Pi Foundation
Name Raspberry Pi
Codename raspberry-pi, raspberry-pi3
Released 2013-2018
Original software Raspbian
Chipset Broadcom BCM2835
Broadcom BCM2836
Broadcom BCM2837
ARM Cortex-A7
ARM Cortex-A53
700 MHz - 1.4 GHz
GPU Broadcom VideoCore IV
Display HDMI port
Storage MicroSDHC slot
Memory 256/512/1024 MB
Running XFCE
Running XFCE


What works

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What does not work

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1. Init pmbootstrap
$ ./pmbootstrap.py init
  • Choose raspberry-pi3 for the Raspberry 3B and 3B+ (aarch64 installation)
  • Choose raspberry-pi for all other versions (armhf installation)
2. Select the kernel for your Raspberry Pi version
[10:47:03] Which kernel do you want to use with your device?
[10:47:03] Available kernels (2):
[10:47:03] * rpi: Kernel for the Raspberry Pi Zero & 1
[10:47:03] * rpi2: Kernel for the Raspberry Pi 2 & 3
3. Optionally add bluetooth-raspberry-pi as extra package. It will install a service that starts the built-in bluetooth device at boot.
[17:14:37] Additional packages that will be installed to rootfs. Specify them in a comma separated list (e.g.: vim,file) or "none"
[17:14:37] Extra packages [none]: bluetooth-raspberry-pi
4. Start the build process and install the completed image to a sdcard
$ ./pmbootstrap.py install --sdcard /dev/sdX
(replace /dev/sdX with the device for your sdcard)

5. Place the sdcard into the Raspberry Pi and boot it

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