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This page is about maintaining the official binary package repository of postmarketOS. It does not relate to the local package repository that pmbootstrap creates when compiling packages. So most people will not need this.

Qt upgrade

There are KDE packages, which need to be rebuilt after each Qt upgrade:

$ pmbootstrap pkgrel_bump kwayland kwin plasma-framework kdeclarative

See pmaports#130 for an idea to automatize this and for more information.

Fixing upstream incompatibilities with Alpine's repository

The following script checks out the master branch of pmbootstrap and pmaports, automatically bumps the pkgrels that need to be bumped because of soname bumps, and regenerates all aports that are based on Alpine's aports. Finally it executes the upstream compatibility test case again, which should run through again with the changes it made.

After the script ran, manually check the diff in the pmaports.git repository. Then make reasonable patches and commit messages from the changes.

#!/bin/sh -ex

# make sure we don't get an outdated mirror

git -C ~/code/pmbootstrap checkout master
git -C ~/code/pmbootstrap/aports checkout master
git -C ~/.local/var/pmbootstrap/cache_git/aports_upstream pull

pmbootstrap --mirror-alpine="$mirror" -y zap
pmbootstrap --mirror-alpine="$mirror" pkgrel_bump --auto
pmbootstrap --mirror-alpine="$mirror" aportgen \
    binutils-armhf binutils-aarch64 binutils-armv7 \
    busybox-static-armhf busybox-static-aarch64 busybox-static-armv7 \
    gcc6-armhf gcc6-aarch64 gcc6-armv7 \
    gcc-armhf gcc-aarch64 gcc-armv7 \
    musl-armhf musl-aarch64 musl-armv7 \

cd ~/code/pmbootstrap/aports
pytest .gitlab-ci/testcases/
git diff --name-only

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