Rules for merging

From postmarketOS


  • Use mrhlpr, so we have the MR ID in the commit message.
  • Review other people's MRs, and merge their stuff after giving them a second approval.

Approval requirements

Each merge request needs the following approval count (from core team members, other than the MR author):

  • Zero approvals: trivial MRs or a critical fixes that must be deployed immediately.
  • One approval:
    • MRs to other repositories than pmaports, pmbootstrap.
    • pmaports: simple package upgrade for edge (not stable!)
  • Two approvals: MRs to pmaports, pmbootstrap.
  • Four approvals and at least one week for review: device move to a higher category.
  • You can merge your own MR once it meets the requirements

Testing requirements

  • pmaports edge: any person in a MR thread confirms that a MR works
  • pmaports stable: one person from the team confirms that a MR works
    • device specific MRs that the team can't test: require confirmation of device maintainer that it works on stable


Backporting features from pmaports edge to stable is done in service packs. So the new feature has some additional testing time in edge, before it potentially breaks something in stable.

Critical fixes can be backported immediately, after proper testing to make sure that there is no breakage.

All patches for stable branches must go through edge first and get backported from there. The only exception are patches that fix build failures that only happen on stable.