Samsung Galaxy On7 (2015) (samsung-o7lte)

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Samsung Galaxy On7 (2015)
[[|200px|alt=Samsung Galaxy On7 (2015)
Samsung Galaxy Wide (G600S)]]
Samsung Galaxy On7 (2015)
Samsung Galaxy Wide (G600S)
Manufacturer Samsung
Name Galaxy On7 (2015)
Codename samsung-o7lte
Released 2015
Category testing
Original software Android 5.1.1 or 6.0.1 with Linux Kernel version 3.10.49
postmarketOS kernel 5.6.0
Chipset Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410
CPU Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53
GPU Qualcomm Adreno 306
Display 1280x720 TFT
Storage 8GB/16GB
Memory 1.5GB/2GB
Architecture aarch64
USB Networking
3D Acceleration
Mobile data


  • jja2000
  • Minecrell (and others from the msm8916-mainline team)


  • jja2000
  • The MSM8916-Mainline team

Users owning this device

  • Jja2000 (Notes: Current main mainlining target)

Versions and naming schemes

The On7 has a couple of versions that got released:

  • SM-G6000: China Open Release (seems to be o7lte-chn in downstream sources)
  • SM-G600F: Turkey Release (might be o7lte-swa in downstream sources, needs more research)
  • SM-G600FY: Bangladesh/Brazil/Cambodia/India/Indonesia/Morocco/Nepal/Philippines/Sri Lanka/Thailand/UAE/Vietnam Release (seems to be o7lte-swa (Southwest-Asia?) in downstream sources), shares name with On7 Pro, which may be slightly different. Needs more research.
  • SM-G600S: Korean Release, Also known as Samsung Galaxy Wide (seems to be on7lte-kor/on7n in downstream sources)

How compatible these devices are with eachother is unclear. If anyone has one of these devices and wants to test out mainline, lmk on Matrix/IRC by mentioning jja2000

How to enter flash mode

Download mode: When turned off hold Power + Volume Up + Home

lk2nd Fastboot: Boot up the device after installation


  1. Install lk2nd (alternative bootloader that provides a standard fastboot interface) when a new release includes this device's device tree.
  2. Follow the Installation guide

Mainline Kernel Status

Component Model Mainline kernel driver Status Useful info
RGB LED - GPIO Not yet added
  • gpio pin: 9
MicroUSB - Yes Not yet added
eMMC sdhc_1 Yes Not yet added
SD Card slot sdhc_2 Yes Not yet added
  • cd-gpio pin: 38
Battery/Charging/Fuelgauge Siliconmitus SM5703 None ?
Volume/Power/Home keys GPIO Yes Not yet added
  • Vol-Up GPIO pin: 107
  • Home GPIO pin: 109
Capacitive keys ? ? ?
Accelerometer STMicroelectronics K2HH Yes Not yet added Orientation matters, may not work without mount-matrix
  • irq-gpio: 115
  • i2c-gpio scl: 32
  • i2c-gpio sda: 31
  • i2c-gpio address accel node: 1D
Display Samsung S6D7AA0X62_BV050HDM or Illitek ILI9881C_SKI550002 No, needs to be created using lmdpdg Not yet added
  • en-gpio: 16
  • reset-gpio: 25
Backlight IC Texas Instruments LM3632 Yes Not yet added
  • i2c-gpio scl-gpio: 102
  • i2c-gpio sda-gpio: 101
  • backlight i2c address: 11
  • backlight-en-gpio: 98
  • backlight-panel-enp-gpio: 97
  • backlight-panel-enn-gpio: 120
Audio ? ? ?
Touch Screen Zinitix ZT7548 None (yet) Needs testing on Mis012's driver
  • irq-gpio: 13
  • scl-gpio: 19
  • sda-gpio: 18
  • i2c address: 78b9000
  • i2c address tsp node: 20
USB Switch (MUIC) Siliconmitus SM5703 None (yet) Not yet added Could work with sm5502 driver, needs testing
  • device irq-gpio: 12
  • device scl-gpio: 106
  • device sda-gpio: 105
  • device uarton-gpio: 114
  • i2c-gpio scl: 106
  • i2c-gpio sda: 105
  • i2c-gpio address muic node: 25
Vibrator Siliconmitus SM5703 Vibrator None Could be hooked up to the other SM5703 related drivers, not sure
Ambient Light Sensor Capella Micro CM36672p None, but this mailinglist submission could be reused Not yet added
  • irq-gpio: 113
  • i2c-gpio scl: 32
  • i2c-gpio sda: 31
  • i2c-gpio address accel node: 60
Proximity Sensor Sensortek STK3013 None No driver made Datasheet
  • irq-gpio: 113
  • i2c-gpio scl: 32
  • i2c-gpio sda: 31
  • i2c-gpio address accel node: 48
Hall Sensor Hall IC Yes Not yet added
  • irq/hall-gpio: 112
GPU Adreno 306 Yes Not yet added
Wi-Fi WNC3660B Yes Not yet added
Bluetooth WCN3660B Yes Not yet added
GPS ? ? ?
Front camera Samsung S5K5E3 No camera driver, could use CAMSS in the future No driver made
Main camera Samsung S5K3L2 No camera driver, could use CAMSS in the future No driver made

Will be filled in and ameliorated later when I get the device

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