Samsung Galaxy Star (samsung-mint)

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Samsung Samsung Galaxy Star
Samsung Galaxy Star
Samsung Galaxy Star
Manufacturer Samsung
Name Samsung Galaxy Star
Codename mint
Released 2013
Original software Android 4.1.2 on Linux 3.0.8
Chipset Spreadtrum SC8810
CPU Single-core 1.0 GHz
GPU Mali-400 MP
Display 320x240 TFT
Storage 4 GB
Memory 512 MB


  • Michael Orishich (mishaor)


  • Michael Orishich (mishaor)

What works

  • Building system (without Mali and UMP drivers, also some modules are not found in /lib/modules/3.0.101, here's a list of them: drm, drm_kms_helper, dm-crypt, ext4)

What does not work

  • Anything

What is not properly tested\or doesn't confirmed to work

  • Booting (stuck at bootloader logo, boots in TWRP successfully, backlight doesn't change)

How to enter flash mode

1. Hold Volume Down + Home + Power buttons for 6 seconds

2. Phone will display this warning. Pres Volume Up button to continue

3. If anything is right, then phone will display this screen.


There are no ready releases, so you need to build your own pmOS image (it's not that long)


You should to:

1. Install Git and Python

2. Clone my pmbootstrap fork (warning: it's very old) (gone forever from GitHub)

3. Change directory to your newly cloned repository

4. Follow the official build guide


No photos of device booting postmarketOS

Links - kernel commit it's compiling from - repository with device (gone forever from GitHub) - TWRP port to this device (on which ROM is tested)