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This is a command line based user interface developed first for the Geeksphone Keon and later for several other Android devices. It is really just a collection of simple bash scripts to try and replicate the common features on a phone such as calling, answering, texting, contacts, calendar, note taking, etc.

For postmarketOS shelli is combined with gesture recognition software to provide for a non-UI alternative which uses the touch screen and the linux framebuffer console.


Initial packaging is in the works at

Only known to work on Nexus 5. Some changes would be needed for how big the screen is and which event device is the touchscreen.

A short description and demo is available here:

Known Issues

I am using `echo "mem" > /sys/power/state` to suspend-to-ram when the power button is pressed. There may be an issue with this strategy. Maybe has something to do with kernel/irqs/watchdog not being fed? See dmesg output at time of failure:

  • waking up sometimes takes a second or two so be patient. Sometimes the gesture recognition may not be responsive after wake-up. Press the power button again twice to suspend/wake-up and it usually works again.
  • tty may freeze when screen is left on for a while. It seems about after 5 minutes this may occur. Press the power button twice to suspend/wake-up to workaround.

Battery capacity reporting is broken. It seems that `/sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity` is not reporting a percentage but a value that ranges from 0 to around 35,000. Maybe a kernel fix is needed?