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Ninges (or Ningles as some might argue) is a name commonly used by Sony fans (there are at least 7 of us!) to refer to Xperia Nile and Ganges platforms (sdm630/636, Xperia XA2 and 10 series).

The devices are mostly the same under the hood with the biggest outstander being the 10 Plus (mermaid), as it features a slightly different SoC (sdm636).


Component Model Driver
Touchscreen Synaptics / Novatek RMI4 (nile)/ Novatek NT36xxx (ganges)
Rear camera Check device page/over qcom CCI QCOM_CCI
Camera flash PMIC-based ???
Front camera Check device page/over qcom CCI QCOM_CCI
LCD Check device page Panel names include device name
WiFi Qualcomm WCN3980? ???
Bluetooth Qualcomm WCN3980/90? qcom,wcn3998-bt
Modem Inbuilt SDM modem ???
GNSS/GPS Inbuilt qcom solution ???
NFC NXP PN553 ncp,nxp-nci-i2c
Vibration motor Qcom qpnp-haptics? ???
Notification LED Some PMIC-based thingy LEDS_QCOM_LPG
Volume buttons Vol- via gpio-keys, Vol+ via pm660 RESIN ???
Battery fuel gauge pm660(l)-fg *not yet ready*


These devices are all running a shared out-of-tree-but-mainline kernel and thus have more or less same features working.

The goal is to achieve feature parity with PinePhone, or perhaps surpass it (these devices have some fancy-schmancy qcom features).

Hardware details


/* Xperia XA2, sdm630 */
[    3.473375] Bluetooth: hci0: QCA Product ID   :0x0000000a
[    3.473831] Bluetooth: hci0: QCA SOC Version  :0x40020140
[    3.478019] Bluetooth: hci0: QCA ROM Version  :0x00000201
[    3.483542] Bluetooth: hci0: QCA Patch Version:0x00000001
[    3.546618] Bluetooth: hci0: QCA controller version 0x01400201

eMMC (Device-specific)

/* Xperia XA2, sdm630 */
[    4.026849] mmcblk0: mmc0:0001 DD68MB 29.1 GiB

SPMI Bus (SoC-specific)

/* sdm630 */
[    2.255090] spmi spmi-0: PMIC arbiter version v3 (0x30000000)

Touchscreen (Device-specific)

/* Xperia XA2, sdm630 */
[    3.029342] rmi4_f01 rmi4-00.fn01: found RMI device, manufacturer: Synaptics, product: TD4322Test, fw id: 2610092

Currently the kernel is stored at this link, but it's force-pushed quite often.