Sony SmartWatch 3 (sony-tetra)

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Sony SmartWatch 3
SmartWatch 3 in fastboot mode
SmartWatch 3 in fastboot mode
Manufacturer Sony
Name SmartWatch 3
Codename sony-tetra
Released 2014
Original software Android Wear 1.5 (Android 6.0)
Chipset ARM Cortex A7
CPU Quad core 1.2 Ghz
Display 320×320
Storage 4 GB
Memory 512 MB


  • Rudloff


  • Rudloff

What works

The kernel builds.

Not tested

Everything else

What does not work

How to enter flash mode

  1. Hold the power button until you see "Insert USB" (do not insert USB cable yet).
  2. Double press the power button.
  3. Double press the power button again.

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