Staging repositories

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In order to test service packs better, a staging repositories feature was developed for (

As of writing, this is quite a new feature. Better give BPO maintainer ollieparanoid a heads up before actually using it.

Here is how it works in a nutshell:

  • Create a new branch, for example from v23.06 and name it v23.06_staging_sp1 (replace v23.06 with the original branch and sp1 with a custom name).
  • Make changes to the branch.
  • Push it to pmaports.git.
  • BPO will automatically set up a new staging branch, create copies of all packages that are on the same version as on v23.06 and start building the missing packages.
  • Published binary packages are at e.g.:
  • Whenever you push new changes: bpo will sync with the original branch, and again create copies for the packages that already exist there and have the same version.
  • To make CI pass in MRs towards the staging repository, apply fixes like in pmaports!5070.
  • Delete the branch when you don't need it anymore, and the staging repository will be deleted as well.

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