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GPE links here, hence I'm starting a discussion, instead of taking authority to do something else.

I suggest to open GPE page under

I also suggest to add SHR, QtMoko etc.

This page can stay as it is and we only add "Further information on XYZ".

Proposed content for GPE:

{{Infobox interface
| name = GPE
| image = File:land_16955.png
| imagecaption = Button Setup (iPAQ)
| graphics = X11
| toolkit = GTK+
| unavailable = yes

GPE Palmtop Environment is a handhelp shell which provides a complete environment of software components and applications for tasks such as personal information management (PIM), audio playback, email, and web browsing. It can be used as a FOSS alternative to various of PDA systems but can also be used on other distributions.

= Status =
This UI is using X11 as its windowing system.

= Potential =
GPE seems to be a good UI for E-Ink and older devices.

= Similar UIs =
Although GPE is competent, you might want to consider [[LXQt]] or [[Xfce]].