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Monthly meeting of the Core Team to move postmarketOS forward. Important discussion results are written down in this wiki page.


  • To move a device to the community directory will require it to run a close to mainline kernel just as with the main directory
  • The PinePhone will use a forked version of Megi's branch. We won't use p-boot though
  • We're going to have minimal kernel configs in pmaports.git and use shared fragments pmb#1824
  • sxmo will be backported to the stable branch
  • Megapixels will be the default photo taking app in Phosh


  • Write down results of this meeting and future meetings in this public wiki page.
  • Decide on principles of postmarketOS: about postmarketOS#Principles
  • Decide first iteration of guidelines for packaging patches
    • Apply GTK+ patches to master too (pmaports#690). Most importantly, because stable should be a snapshot of master.
  • Do not merge back libhybris/Halium related patches as they cost us significant maintenance effort without benefit. If somebody wants to have it, they should create their own aports repository (and binary packages if desired), like Sxmo is doing it currently. We would also accept some integration into pmbootstrap, like an additional question in "pmbootstrap init" that makes it easy to use this 3rd party repository.
  • Mastodon: PureTryOut got access to the account, in order to make it more active (see Infrastructure Maintainers)
  • We discussed if we want to keep the "two approvals before merge" rule (see Team guidelines). We do want to keep it, the benefits of better review are worth the increased time until a MR gets merged.
  • Get all devices from community into stable -> new issue: pmaports#724