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Monthly meeting of the Core Team to move postmarketOS forward. Important discussion results are written down in this wiki page.


  • decided to drop support for using osk-sdl with directfb, so it can be dropped from sdl2 as dependency. directfb has long been unmaintained upstream. In practice, this means only mainlined devices / devices with DRM working instead of only framebuffer will be able to use osk-sdl.
    • On demand, somebody could work on a simple cryptsetup text prompt (cryptsetup luksOpen) in case DRM is not available. That might help with some of the convertibles that run postmarketOS... though some of them are already using mainline and therefore have a DRM backend. So if somebody wants this, please open an issue in pmaports.
    • EDIT: actually not everybody is in favor, so we'll discuss it again next meeting. it's not urgent.


  • Discussed and agreed on adding "No vendor lock-in" to our principles
  • Discussed how to improve device testing before new postmarketOS releases, decided to create a new release-party channel and to coordinate there. Ollie created this timeline for new releases and we agreed together with device and UI maintainers that we'll use this moving forward.


  • our aarch64 build server (will build binary packages natively in sourcehut builds to avoid issues with qemu!) has arrived at Martijns, he's setting it up now :) (see related mastodon posts etc)
  • qemu: doesn't have network with UI=none since networkmanager isn't in postmarketos-base anymore
    • use e.g. pmbootstrap install --add=networkmanager for now, see this new note
  • on-device installer: decided to remove sshd prompts for all UIs
    • already implemented, see here
  • decided to drop the "packaging" label in pmaports (it was more useful when pmbootstrap and pmaports were in the same repository). it's removed now.


  • Discussed what to do about's new measures to prevent cryptomining abuse (they require validating new accounts with a credit card or debit cart or else they can't use CI)
    • Understandable measure to prevent CI abuse, but very inconvenient for users
    • Decided to wait and see if this becomes a problem at all (do we get lots of MRs without CI?), and if it's the case, come up with a solution then.
    • One solution could be asking our friends from alpine if we could use their runners.
  • How do we get that awesome alpine-qa bot?



  • When pushing changes in gitlab, approvals are currently disappearing. This is annoying, because then one needs to look through the log to figure out who approved it. The argument for keeping it as-is was, because the approvals were really done at a certain time with certain commits pushed, if new commits get pushed, it is a different patch. The counter argument to that is, that keeping the approvals still makes it easier to see who has approved in the past, and the person who merges the commit still needs to review the patch again and must make sure that nobody pushed garbage to it right before merging / after previous approvals. We decided to try "keeping approvals after push" for one month in pmaports and pmbootstrap, and then see if we keep it that way.



  • News strategy: now that we have many types of media, where do we discuss which type of content? Rough template for the future:
    • blog posts: mostly cover postmarketOS stable, user-facing stuff
    • podcasts: cover postmarketOS edge too, more development faced stuff, and in more detail, stuff happening upstream
    • mastodon / twitter: post new blog posts + podcast episodes, short posts about interesting stuff happening in edge
    • reddit: post new blog posts and podcast episodes
  • Roadmap for 2021
    • January: v20.05.1 service pack
    • March: v21.03 release based on Alpine 3.13
    • Later this year: v21.xx release based on Alpine 3.14
    • See new Releases wiki page and related milestones for details
  • How long do we want to keep MRs open?
    • let's configure a bot that does:
      • warning after 1 month of inactivity
      • close after 2 months of inactivity
    • until we have a bot, manually close issues with 2 months of inactivity



  • We talked about when/if features should be backported to stable. Backporting every feature 5 days after it was merged to edge is too much effort. The solution we came up with is creating a monthly dot release with interesting features backported. All backports in one merge request, test them together, then merge. We'll do the merge request for these dot releases at the beginning of each team meeting, and if somebody wants to suggest something to backport just let us know in the chat or issues.
  • pinetab will be moved to device/community
  • pinephone will be moved to device/main


  • We're going to use the CODEOWNERS feature of Gitlab on demand, e.g. for shared kernels or specific packages a user is interested in
  • We're changing how we approve MR's, see the updated rules page
  • New features to edge that should also appear on the master branch will be backported after a week or so, at least 5 days


  • To move a device to the community directory will require it to run a close to mainline kernel just as with the main directory
  • The PinePhone will use a forked version of Megi's branch. We won't use p-boot though
  • We're going to have minimal kernel configs in pmaports.git and use shared fragments pmb#1824
  • Megapixels will be the default photo taking app in Phosh


  • Write down results of this meeting and future meetings in this public wiki page.
  • Decide on principles of postmarketOS: about postmarketOS#Principles
  • Decide first iteration of guidelines for packaging patches
    • Apply GTK+ patches to master too (pmaports#690). Most importantly, because stable should be a snapshot of master.
  • Do not merge back libhybris/Halium related patches as they cost us significant maintenance effort without benefit. If somebody wants to have it, they should create their own aports repository (and binary packages if desired), like Sxmo is doing it currently. We would also accept some integration into pmbootstrap, like an additional question in "pmbootstrap init" that makes it easy to use this 3rd party repository.
  • Mastodon: PureTryOut got access to the account, in order to make it more active (see Infrastructure Maintainers)
  • We discussed if we want to keep the "two approvals before merge" rule (see Team guidelines). We do want to keep it, the benefits of better review are worth the increased time until a MR gets merged.
  • Get all devices from community into stable -> new issue: pmaports#724