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This page is a template. It contains no postmarketOS-related information, but should be used as part of other articles.

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For more information, read Templates and Template:Template.

An "App" element used to format GUI application lists (e.g. Applications in categories). Based upon ArchWiki's App Template.

Note This template is licensed under the GFDL v1.3 or later, like its base template from the ArchWiki


  1. arg. – upstream name of the application, linking to an pmOS Wiki article.
  2. arg. – description that should not duplicate information available in the article context.
  3. arg. – link to upstream website/project page/wiki/other key source of information about the application.
  4. arg. – link to package using Template:aport, Template:pmaport, or Template:flathub.
  5. antifeatures: named opt arg. – comment describing in which ways this app violates postmarketOS' principles.
Note This template is meant to be used at the first level of bulleted lists. It places the first line as a list item, then ends the list and indents the second line. Since the indentation is fixed you should avoid using the template in lists deeper than one level.


  • If the name is an acronym it may be expanded: Vim (Vi IMproved)
  • Should be a sentence (start with a capital letter and end with a period).
  • You may use Template:aport, Template:pmaport and Template:flathub.
  • When you don't specify anything, N/A will be printed.
  • When using the flathub template, please flag the package with the corresponding antifeature, since its distribution is not controlled by postmarketOS.
  • Multiple packages should be separated with commas: geary, gearyPMOS
  • And may optionally be prefixed with short descriptions: GTK+ 2: greybird-themes-gtk2, GTK+ 3: greybird-themes-gtk3
  • Development/binary versions of packages should not be linked if there is a stable/source version available.
  • You may use :: to seperate multiple antifeatures. Every antifeature then will get its own line and visual indications (look at #Examples).
  • Even though you could insert any antifeature text directly, please use Template:AppAntifeature (or its alias Template:appaf). With this template you can choose a set of predefined antifeatures or define your own.


{{App|[[Firefox]]|Secure, extensible desktop browser.|https://www.mozilla.com/firefox/|{{aport|firefox}}, {{pmaport|mobile-config-firefox}}}}

{{App|[[Giara]]|Reddit client.|https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/giara|{{aport|giara}}|antifeatures={{appaf|2}}}}

{{App|[[Spot]]|GTK Spotify client for GNOME (Spotify Premium required).|https://github.com/xou816/spot| {{flathub|dev.alextren.Spot|Spot}}|antifeatures={{appaf|2}}::{{appaf|1}}}}
  • Firefox — Secure, extensible desktop browser.
https://www.mozilla.com/firefox/ || firefox, mobile-config-firefoxPMOS
  • Giara — Reddit client.
     🚩 This app depends on non-free network services.
https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/giara || giara
  • Spot — GTK Spotify client for GNOME (Spotify Premium required).
     🚩 This app depends on non-free network services.
     🚩 This app needs to be installed from a third-party Flatpak repository.
https://github.com/xou816/spot || SpotFlathub

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