The initramfs

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Boot process:

  • Enable set -x if the verbose-initfs hook exists
  • Load deviceinfo data
  • Create busybox symlinks
  • Mount /dev, /proc and /sys
  • Redirect stdout to /pmOS_init.log if PMOS_NO_OUTPUT_REDIRECT isn't present in the kernel cmdline
  • Modprobe modules listed in deviceinfo
  • Enable mdev (busybox replacement for udev)
  • Make kernel detect subpartitions
  • Wait for /dev/fb0 to appear (if not disabled in deviceinfo) and set the framebuffer mode
  • Execute hooks
  • Show loading splash
  • Start networking
  • Find and mount the partition with the pmOS_boot label (or show "Boot partition not found" splash)
  • Unpack initramfs-extra from the boot partition (or show "Initramfs-extra not found" splash)
  • Start charging mode if one of the known charging kernel parameters was found in the cmdline (show battery icon for charging and waits for powerbutton press)
  • Search for a partition with the label pmOS_root or crypto_LUKS
  • Try to resize the partition containing the root filesystem to the maximum size
  • Start osk-sdl if the rootfs is a luks partition
  • Resize the root filesystem to match the partition it is in
  • Mount the root filesystem
  • Kill all processes running in the initramfs and pivot root to the real rootfs