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Unl0kr is an experimental disk unlocker UI aiming to eventually replace Osk-sdl. It is written in C using LVGL and runs on the Linux framebuffer without hardware acceleration.

By itself unl0kr doesn't actually perform any unlocking. Instead it uses the so called "keyscript mode" in which the entered password is piped through STDOUT into the actual unlocking program. The unl0kr package in pmOS's aports implements the latter as a shell script.

For screenshots of the currently available themes see here.

Reporting Issues

Issues with unl0kr should be reported on the project's GitLab issues page.

There is currently no dedicated Matrix room but if needed you may contact @h3nn3s:matrix.org directly.

Running within pmOS

The unl0kr package is part of pmOS's aports directory. When installing pmOS, you can select unl0kr over osk-sdl via

$ pmbootstrap install --fde --add unl0kr

To run unl0kr from pmOS (not in initramfs) switch to a TTY (e.g. via chvt) and run

$ sudo unl0kr

Note that unl0kr conflicts with osk-sdl and you won't be able to install both at the same time.