UI specific package

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User interfaces in postmarketOS are packaged in main/postmarketos-ui-* in pmaports.


Some APKBUILD variables of UI packages have additional meaning. Furthermore there are pmbootstrap specific variables (prefixed with _pmb_*) that only get used during pmbootstrap init and pmbootstrap install. When the installation is done, the _pmb_* variables are irrelevant: they are only in the APKBUILD and not in the built package, so apk doesn't know about them.

Keep this list in alphabetical order.


Groups to which the default user should be added to during the installation.


Packages to install together with the UI, which can be uninstalled by the user (!1962).


Let pmbootstrap init display a prompt for each package in the given list of package, which provider to use for that package (!2132).


The pmb:gpu-accel option is specific to postmarketOS UI APKBUILDs. See pmbootstrap specific APKBUILD options.


The usual package description (see APKBUILD Reference). However, for UI packages it is also used in pmbootstrap init for the UI selection.

Extras subpackage

For postmarketos-ui-plasma-mobile, we have added an extras subpackage that has additional _pmb_recommends. Other _pmb_* options should work with this specific subpackage too (not with others though!). However, it's questionable how useful the extras subpackage is nowadays, as we have working graphical package managers now and just build the regular, non-extras package in official images (-extras subpackage was added before we had automated building images). So it's probably a good idea not to add more of those at least.

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