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This is a stub, please expand with more projects, links and descriptions, and a nice intro - then remove this message.

This page is for listing devices that, to our current knowledge, cannot run postmarketOS.

Projects to run another OS on the device can be linked if they exist.

Common Issues

  • Device uses ARMv6 without FPU/VFP, and so it cannot run under the armhf architecture #1203
  • Device uses unsupported architecture (ie. 32-bit powerpc, armv5te)
  • Device has less than 128MB of storage with no option of expansion

Device List

Device Notes
HTC Wildfire (htc-buzz) Qualcomm MSM7225 - ARMv6 without FPU/VFP #1203
Huawei U8160 (Vodafone 858 Smart) Qualcomm MSM7225 - ARMv6 without FPU/VFP #1592
Nintendo Wii 32-bit PPC not supported by Alpine. See Wii-Linux
Zipit Z2 armv5te not supported by Alpine
PalmOne Zire 31 armv5te not supported by Alpine
Samsung Star (samsung-gt-s5230) armv4 not supported by Alpine


  • The architecture "armhf" in pmOS is ARMv6 but has a strict requirement on an FPU (i.e., requires VFP). #1203
  • Theoretically we could bootstrap a new architecture onto Alpine Linux (run the bootstrap script from Alpine's aports folder, then compile all packages from scratch) but its not feasible at the moment. #1203