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I speak English and Russian, latter is my native language.

Owns devices

Device Notes
Megafon Login 3 (MSM8210 / Snapdragon 200) No downstream kernel source code. Running stock Android 4.4. Available for any test which won't require me to tear down the device. Working UART.
Topwise A721 (topwise-a721) Turbopad A721. 384 MB of RAM. No stock firmware available, no battery. Available for tests. Working UART.

Mainlining must-reads

  • "Your new ARM SoC Linux support check-list!" by Thomas Petazzoni. Minimal set of hardware to start, explanation of device tree, reusing the downstream code, drivers. PDF
  • "SMP bring up on ARM SoCs" by Gregory Clement. Bring up remaining cores at boot. An overview of SMP operations and implementing them. PDF

MediaTek stuff

Basic support for MT6577 in mainline Linux kernel: