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This user has ported 7 device(s) to postmarketOS.


This user's main device is a Razer_Phone_2_(razer-cheryl2).

This user mainlined 5 devices.

🐧 This user is currently trying to mainline a device.

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Device Notes
Essential Phone (essential-mata) Currently being borrowed by a family member
Google Pixel (google-pixel) 32GB, unlocked, fresh battery
Google Pixel 3 (google-blueline) 128GB, Verizon locked bootloader :(
Google Pixel 4 XL (google-coral) 128GB, unlocked
OnePlus 3T (oneplus-oneplus3t) 128GB, Samsung s6e3fa3 display panel, fresh battery
OnePlus 3T (oneplus-oneplus3t) 64GB, Samsung s6e3fa5 display panel
OnePlus 6T (oneplus-fajita) 128GB
OnePlus 6 (oneplus-enchilada) 128GB
OnePlus 6 (oneplus-enchilada) 256GB
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) PinePhone v1.1 Braveheart edition
PINE64 PinePhone (pine64-pinephone) PinePhone v1.2a postmarketOS Community edition (Convergence package w/ 3GB RAM/32GB storage)
Razer Phone 2 (razer-cheryl2) 64GB, currently daily driver with stock Android, awaiting Display Stream Compression support in MSM DRM driver to complete mainline porting
ZTE Axon 7 (zte-axon7) 64GB, needs new battery (bought, not installed yet), mainline port stalled due to dual-DSI panel driver regressions